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The (Happier) Side Effects of Yoga

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Yoga

My yoga journey began several years ago when classes on VCR tapes and DVD’s were popular for exercise. That’s how I looked at yoga, as a workout, just physical movement and a way to stay in shape. I’ve always had a certain flexibility and strength, and yoga seemed the perfect form of exercise to use this.

As time went on, I started attending gym classes instead of exercising exclusively at home. Mostly these were at the YMCA because of our family membership. I started taking more and more classes, and yoga class was always my favorite.  It became a place to fit my needs, without being the only person who felt the need to be bendy and to move slowly, intentionally.

Time moved on, and I settled into an office job – two actually! Sitting at a desk for most of the day, with not much movement, my body began to feel achy, inflexible, and sore. My attitude started to take a downward turn. Realizing my temper was short and I was feeling on edge, I started thinking, “When don’t I feel this way? When do I feel like myself? Yoga!”

Realizing my temper was short and I was feeling on edge, I started thinking, “When don’t I feel this way? When do I feel like myself? Yoga!”

I began to think that there was more than just a physical release of tension in my body from yoga; a release of tension in my mind.  A connection was made, and a decision was made. I need more of this in my life.  Yoga made me feel more at ease, happier, and more fulfilled.  I felt that I should share these benefits with others.

I started a Yoga teacher training in 2018 and found so much more than the physical side of yoga.  While studying the Yoga Sutras, I found the struggles and questions in life have remained the same for centuries, and Pantanjali wrote it all out in an organized fashion.  I had lost my parents early in my adult life, which gave me a different perspective on pain, and how Pantanjali’s Sutras applied to my personal experience.

After studying yoga and the Sutras, I learned to use movement as true expression of myself through yoga.  I hope to share that with others. My practice is personal, but teaching others how to find their own practice and sharing that together is my goal.

I continue to study. I continue to struggle and question. I continue to find expression and the sharing of it.yoga

Marcia Ford loves sharing yoga and acquired her 200-hour certification under the wonderful instruction of Jen Xanders through Flourish Yoga studio in Fishers, IN. She enjoys teaching, and is always a student as well, learning and continuing her education through workshops and classes.

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