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NAET for Children’s Top 7 Icks & Aches

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Allergies

Kids are always running.  Running in the kitchen, to the car, on the playground, into your arms.  One of the greatest joys of parenthood is watching your child play and laugh.  But while they are running from one place to the other, it seems there is a seemingly constant battle with runny noses, tummy aches, and sleep problems.  A box of tissues in every room is a crucial staple to your home’s decor. 

Many over-the-counter medications offered to children come with undesirable side effects, such as drowsiness, and they only provide short bursts of relief.  Especially for children with severe allergies, drowsiness effects their school, social, and play time.  There’s no time to be sick when there is fun to be had!  

As a Naturopathic doctor, I use homeopathic and natural remedies to help children through icky symptoms and to build strong immune systems.  One of my favorite treatments is NAET. NAET is a gentle treatment that I use every day for children and adults alike.  I use it frequently in my practice because it works.  Not just for a brief period like an anti-histamine, but when done correctly, it often holds for years without issue.

The Science of NAET

Based on the ancient Chinese principals used for acupuncture and current theories of physics called interference, NAET uses acupressure to stimulate points on the body (called gatepoints).  It is very effective for allergy symptoms, food sensitivities and helping the immune system fight viruses and bacteria.

I have found that children respond especially well to NAET.  They tend to have less build-up in their systems that needs attention than adults do.  And for them to be able to play outside and pet dogs without symptom is a wonderful and exciting event for both them and their parents!

NAET  for Children

A NAET treatment is 30 minutes.  During this treatment, older children may lay down and younger children (toddlers and babies) can be held by a parent.  While holding a sample of the substance that is causing reaction, their gatepoints are stimulated on the hands, elbows, feet and ankles.  This allows the body to get used to the substance that had previously been labeled as a threat.  Very young children (babies and toddlers) and people with immediate allergies use a surrogate to hold the substance.

NAET for children’s allergy relief

Below are the Top Seven Symptoms that children deal with regularly.  I have successfully used NAET to provide relief for both children and adults.
1. Allergy Symptoms: NAET is a highly effective, gentle treatment for environmental & seasonal allergies.   Unlike anti-histamines that need to be taken regularly, one treatment per allergen is usually all that is required.  Children or adults with multiple allergies or sensitivities may require only 5-6 (sometimes more) NAET treatments to see full and lasting results.

2. Tummy Aches: Sometimes, regular stomach discomfort is caused by food sensitivities, the most common being gluten, dairy, and egg. After the treatment, avoid the substance for 24 hours.  This allows time for the allergen to clear the energetic pathways.  After that, children experience symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea much less frequently.

3. Cold/Flu Symptoms:  Viruses come and go in our bodies, many times without notice.  Ensuring immune system is working optimally is key.  The foundational NAET treatments such as Vitamin C, B Vitamins and minerals support immune functions by helping the body utilize these efficiently.  Viruses and bacteria can also be treated with NAET as a preventative measure prior to cold/flu season.

4. Rashes & Eczema: Skin irritations can be from food sensitivities, heat or gut imbalances such as candida (yeast over growth).  With NAET the trigger can be identified and treated to lower the body’s response.  With gut imbalances dietary changes can help the NAET treatment hold.

5. Ear Aches:  Ear aches may be a result of an environmental allergy or food sensitivity.  Similar to skin irritations, chronic ear aches or itchy ears may also be due to candida overgrowth.

6. Sleep Trouble:  Insomnia and anxiety may be due to elevated histamines.  Histamines are an important neurotransmitter but when it is increased due to toxins or bug bites other neurotransmitters such as epinephrine may be affected causing anxiety or insomnia.  NAET can help lower histamines.

7. Emotional Outbursts (including anger, anxiety, nightmares, lethargy):  Emotions, like allergens or viruses, can get stuck in the body.  The body has physical reactions to emotions all the time.  For instance, tears often accompany sadness or extreme joy.  Children have not yet developed the emotional skills to deal with these reactions, especially if the emotions is strong and frequent.  Oftentimes they are not be able to articulate their experiences. I’ve used NAET to help people of all ages with anxiety, depression, anger, and other difficult emotions.

If your child experiences allergies or other chronic conditions, know your options.  As a parent, you can use natural remedies and treatments to build a strong immune system and healthy lifestyle for your children.

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