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Effectively Optimize Your Immunity This Winter

Immunity is still not fully understood. We know the immune system provides barriers to protect our bodies from invaders and tries to detect and eliminate bacteria, viruses, parasites, and toxins that get past the first line of defense. If the invaders start to...

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Nourishing Your Qi During the Winter Months

“When one stays in the darkness long enough, one begins to see.” -C.G. Jung Winter is a time of stillness and quietude, when nature’s energy has turned in during this most inward-looking of all the seasons. We call it the most Yin of the seasons.  Trees have...

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Autumn, the Season of Falling Energy

This is the time of year when energy in nature and the universe move downward or inward, in a sense.  Energy is “falling.”  All things in nature approach their completion in the Fall.  It is time to release what is no longer needed. The Metal Element and the Lung...

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