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5 Signs You Might be Allergic to Your Vitamins

by | Apr 3, 2024 | Allergies, Nutrition

While becoming allergic or sensitive to vitamins may seem unusual this is a very common occurrence I see in my practice. Besides making you feel unwell, this can affect absorption of the nutrients and therefore have other long term consequences. As an example, if you are not absorbing Vitamin C, this could affect immunity and hormonal health. In addition, if you find yourself sensitive to Vitamin C then you more than likely will have issues with the many foods that contain Vitamin C.

Here are 5 signs you might be allergic to your vitamins: 

1. You are not feeling the benefit of your vitamins.

If you have been consistently taking vitamins for a few months without noticing and improvement to your health you may consider an allergy or sensitivity to them.

2. Levels remain low in labs

If you are taking certain nutrients but consistently test low in labs then your body may lack the ability to absorb them due to a sensitivity. I have personally witnessed this with patients labs.

3. Sensitive to foods containing common nutrients such as calcium foods

Finding that you are sensitive or allergic to foods with common micronutrients such as calcium foods (dairy, leafy greens, nuts) it might stand to reason that you could also be sensitive or allergic to calcium in vitamins. 

4. Digestive issues after taking them.

 A common example of this is probiotics. I started seeing several years ago that people could not tolerate their probiotics due to a sensitivity. It is good practice to rotate your probiotic strains to help avoid a sensitivity.

5. The vitamins are having an opposite effect than expected. 

Magnesium is typically a calming mineral however feeling wired when taking it could be due to a sensitivity. Another example would be feeling fatigued when taking B vitamins.

So what you can do about this? NAET,  which is a gentle, non-invasive allergy treatment that combines acupressure, nutritional science, and kinesiology, can alleviate these sensitivities. In fact, the NAET protocol sets the foundation for good immune health by initially treating vitamins. During the first few visits, we will treat basic essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, B-vitamins and calcium. 

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