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Detox Your Life: 6 Tips To Commit To a Happier, Healthier You in 2021

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Nutrition, Digestion

You know what they say: New year, new you! Health and fitness is at the top of the resolution list and is unfortunately often the first to go. More than 50% of adults make a resolution related to health and fitness and on average, less than 10% keep it. Your body and health are important and we’re here to support you in your goals through some simple detox tips!

Looking to take on some healthier habits this year and keep them around? You’ve come to the right place! Below, you’ll find some general guidelines for building your plan and 6 tips to consider when deciding the best way to optimize your health and detoxify your life in 2021.

We get it, it’s hard to create a new routine and change the way you manage your day to day life. Especially in a year where COVID-19 has changed everything, including your fitness options and eating habits, but it’s never too late to get back on track. So how do you make a goal you can keep?

Consider These Options for Creating a 2021 Healthy You Plan

  • Think about why you want to make the change. What is it, deep down inside of you, that has you thinking about this goal? How will this impact your life? Write it down and keep it somewhere you can see every day. Try your closet, pantry, or dashboard of your car!
  • Start small! Part of the issue with resolutions is that people come out of the gate swinging but quickly reach a place of burnout. Take one step towards your goal this month, achieve that goal, and then do more next month.
  • Track your progress and celebrate your wins with a wellness journal! We like this paperback version you can keep on your nightstand but there are many options available. Whether you’re planning to change the way you eat, use cleaner skin care, or get rid of chemicals in your household products, build a plan for that!
    • Make a 12-month calendar and write down a few goals for each month. When you break it down over a year, it’s easier to see that you can change your habits, just a little at a time.
    • AND THEN… Check those boxes off when you complete them!

So what’s going to be in your plan? Everyone’s health and fitness journey is unique to them but we’re hoping a few of these 6 tips will make it into your plan!

6 Tips To Detoxify Your Life and Commit To a Happier, Healthier You

Remind yourself, small changes! “Think of detoxing as an ongoing process for long term health,” says Dr. Melanie MacLaren, ND.

1. Limit your exposure to toxins

When your body is exposed to toxins, free radicals are derived. What are free radicals, you ask? They’re essentially molecules in the body that can cause large chain reactions in cells. So what does that mean? These bad guys can knock out communication pathways between cells of the immune-system, damage DNA, and promote aging.

Although we can’t always control our environment, we can control what’s happening inside our homes. Consider lightening your toxic burden using these tips:

  • Run your tap water through a reverse osmosis filter
  • Use natural cosmetics, creams and cleansers that are free of harmful chemicals
  • Avoid artificial fragrances
  • Use natural cleaning products
  • Work to maintain a positive mental attitude

2. Change out your household plastic for alternatives

Not only is this a step that is much better for the environment and reduces your footprint, it’s much better for you! When heated, worn, or pressurized, it’s possible the plastic in your household is leaking toxic chemicals without you knowing it. Consider glass water bottles and canvas shopping totes as quick alternatives. Interested in more switches? Here’s a great list of 20 plastic alternatives you can consider in your yearly plan.

3.  Consider a full-body detox cleanse

If you’ve been eating a clean diet and just feel stuck with your progress, a full-body detox may be a good option for you. At Dragonfly 360 we carry a great 7-day VegeCleanse by Designs For Health that is a comprehensive, science-based nutritional program that supports safe and effective detoxification. This detox is designed to break down fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble so your body can excrete them.

You’ll find that taking the two shakes a day alongside a Paleo diet will really help reset your system. Many of our clients have even noticed a reduction in cravings at the end of the cleanse!

Interested in learning more? Through January 29, 2021, you can snag a free sauna session with the purchase of a 7-day cleanse! Check out #5 to read about why these two options make perfect sense together!

4. Add whole foods to your diet that support anti-inflammation

Of course this doesn’t come as a surprise. By participating in a diet that supports detoxing, you’ll reduce chronic inflammation and maximize the effectiveness of your liver which is crucial in the detox process. Try a few of these tips for a detox diet that refreshes your body:

  • Focus on eating whole foods like berries, broccoli, and unprocessed nuts
  • Avoid junk food, higher-carb vegetables, whole grains, sugar, and processed meats
  • Eat less pre packaged meals and processed foods which often contain preservatives and chemical additives
  • Eat organic produce, free of pesticides
  • Drink lots of water, add lemon for the most effectiveness

5. Sweat it out

You knew this one was coming! When looking at toxin excretion, research shows that traces of toxic chemicals show up in sweat that may go undetected in blood and urine. Sweating is KEY! Toxins are often stored in fat cells which means the more active you are, the more time you spend sweating, the more likely you are to release toxins your body is storing.

If you aren’t currently in a routine of sweating, consider adding a few days of exercise (including yoga) to your calendar each week to get your blood pumping. In addition to exercise, using an infrared sauna  is a great way to sweat out toxins while also taking a minute to relax and clear your mind!

To book an online infrared sauna session with us, click here.

6. Detox from others, spend time with yourself

Speaking of taking a minute to relax, our last tip of the day is all about you! It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think detox, but taking a break from dating, friends, or social media may be just what your body needs. Setting aside time for meditation or journaling is a great place to start! Consider taking a nature walk or focusing on a hobby!

When you put in the time to focus on yourself, you can take a breath, focus on self-love and build a relationship with yourself that can enhance your relationship with others.


With a bit of planning and dedication, a happier and healthier you can be right around the corner! Interested in learning more detox options for your body? Check out Dr. Melanie’s blog “Love Your Liver: 12 Tips for Detoxifying” and let us know how you like to detox below.

Interested in purchasing a 7-day VegeCleanse and receiving a free sauna session? Reach out to us today!

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