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Yoga Nidra | The Philosophy, Benefits & Practice

Yoga Nidra is a state of conscious sleeping and is considered as a meditation technique. Individuals experience complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It is a powerful and important practice of self inquiry within the ancient science of yoga, it has been...

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Discover Yoga’s Mind Altering Effects

Many folks think of yoga as a physical exercise or a way to move consciously to help de-stress (see "When I say yoga I mean..."). These are parts of yoga, yes, but the foundation of yoga practice is to clear dysfunctional habit patterns (samskara). Our habits of...

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Making Space for Emotion Through Yoga

Our emotions are in a constant state of flux, but sometimes we don't take the time to process them. Ever feel like you’re moving at high speed through life, running to keep up with the endless demand of information, social commitments, family, work, text messages,...

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Are Wheat & Gluten Causing Your Symptoms?

Last week, I met a professional goal: I completed my studies to become a Certified Gluten Practitioner. And while I’m thrilled to have more information to share with clients, one stat just hit me in the gut (pun intended).    Six to seven out of 10 people have some...

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Nourishing Your Qi During the Winter Months

“When one stays in the darkness long enough, one begins to see.” -C.G. Jung Winter is a time of stillness and quietude, when nature’s energy has turned in during this most inward-looking of all the seasons. We call it the most Yin of the seasons.  Trees have...

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Calf Envy – A Lesson In Self-Love

Here's how a simple comment from a student taught me a lesson in self-love. Before yoga class this morning my students were talking about what they wanted to work on in class. Several of them had lower back issues. Another confided to me that she’s trying to gain...

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The ‘D’ Missing from Depression

Depression is very common, but you may still feel alone, helpless, and lost.  Long term depression can be debilitating.  Getting out of bed is a Spartan feat, and yet falling asleep is almost impossible. While some depression is caused by circumstances such a loss of...

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Clear Your Mind of Suffering

Abhyasa/practice and Vairagya/non-attachment (Sutra 1.12-1.16) The practice of yoga includes deep awareness of habit patterns (samskara). These habits of thinking, feeling, and reacting affect our capacity for joy. The unconscious habit patterns create filters over...

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